Hot Stone Therapy For Massage

Nowadays, hot rock treatment becomes favorite, this is a new age kind of massage. The stones were often heated at a sauna and put around the (victim’s) back in a rather haphazard manner, occasionally leaving marks which took weeks to cure. In rare situations, the marks never vanished

The concept is same: to enhance circulation while at the same time helping assist relaxation and provide renewed energy.

Why Buy Stoned?

People today become stoned since they would like to flush toxins out, make their juices flowing and enjoy a relaxing, calm treatment which will decrease inflammation and boost their energy levels.

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Other reasons people decide to indulge in a hot rock treatment are since the recipients

  1. Are they interested
  2. Require some personal attention and comfort
  3. Prefer to test out new massages
  4. Think about “Native American recovery”
  5. Are all the above-mentioned

They normally are washed and sterilized between each therapy – or they ought to be. The massage starts as soon as the stones are put either one by one or all together on chakras along the backbone since the customer lies topless on her or his tummy.

The therapist generally massages the customer gently utilizing the smooth stones themselves, frequently implementing traditional Swedish massage methods.

They may also leave warmed stones in certain areas of the human body to lead to additional comforts, like in the palms of their hands.



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