5 Types Of Flooring And Layers You Can Use For Restaurants And Bars

 We all know that the tiles are very important in determining the decor and each Industry has got different needs. The Flooring may not just be a part of your home, but a good and durable flooring is required in malls, offices, swimming pools and factories also. Needs may vary for each type of customer such as for industries hard flooring is required due to heavy equipment, for restaurants most elegant and beautiful flooring options must be chosen based on the theme of the restaurant and for shops normally vitrified tiles are used. Here are 5 types of flooring and layers you can choose from:

Commercial And Residential Option

Both commercial and residential structures have a different set of needs with regard to flooring. At commercial places, people want the flooring to be less slippery. Floors must not be inflammable such as carpets for this may further invite fire hazards. Residential flooring is different. It has necessarily been elegant in design, bling maybe, easy to maintain it. Porcelain tiles, another type of tiles, modern bathroom tiles etc are widely used.


Tiles have manufactured a piece of hard-wearing material such as ceramic, metal or glass. Tiles are available in a lot of types. It may be porcelain, cladstone, limestone and many more. One of the best things about tiles is that it is available in printed patterns and used for design and decor purposes as well.


One of the most elegant ways of adding to the decor of the house is to have a not so highlightable floor and then having a carpet spread on it. Carpets make your room look royal, they are handmade or woven and the best ones are imported from the Indian subcontinent and the middle east.


Laminations are available at tiles shop as well. It is most important among bar and restaurants. It is durable, scratch resistant, slip resistant and inexpensive as well.


Resilient flooring includes vinyl, linoleum, rubber and cork tile.

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