A Beginner’s Guide To Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu massage gets it origin form the ancient massage therapy practices in Japan. It is almost like acupuncture and is done to relieve the pressure points in your body; the difference being that instead of needles, finger tips and thumbs are used to put pressure.

Short massage course Sydney helps you understand the concept of Shiatsu massage and aids you to learn and practice it. Tips for beginners include:

1. No need for a massage oil:

The practice requires the person to lie down on a low table or a floor. You don’t need to be naked for the massage, as there is no oil required. You can wear anything comfortable and the massage is carried out from above your clothes, applying pressure from finger tips and thumbs.

2. A meridian chart:

You need to have a meridian chart in front of you in order to know the path you have to choose for the massage. A meridian chart comprises of drawings of a human body, labelled with points where you can put pressure. It also shows the flow of where to start your massage from and follow what direction.

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3. When to make a flying motion:

If a certain client wants an area not to be touched, you can make a flying motion in that area, in order to maintain the uninterrupted flow of your Chi (shiatsu in Chinese).

Shiatsu is an extremely effective massage therapy, aiding you in digestion and relieving menstrual cramps as well.

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