All About Kitesurfing Trip

Kitesurfing is a very friendly sport, as kitesurfers, we thrive on the buzz of the wind, we do not pollute our environment, instead, we are moving with the flow of the wind. Our enjoyment, for the want of a better word, was created by the environment we are in. 

If we fail to respect the environment and wildlife around us, then we fail to honor the world who were here before us and indeed Kitesurfing originate!

Today, Kitesurfing is a very popular water sport. In Mauritius, Raphael fishing company are available to guide you in your progression into a new extreme sport in order for you to be safely independent.

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This sport includes fast speeds, awesome tricks and carving turns, and extreme jumps that provide big air that is not like any other of the water sports today.

With respect to our coastal environment, we can ensure that kitesurfing will be around for many more years to come.

We have independent coaches & instructors. We take time to care about you and will make sure you get confident enough to let you go out on your own to kiteboard or kitesurf.

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