All About Speech Delay

Speech delay  indicate the presence of a neurological or physiological dysfunction that needs immediate diagnosis and treatment.

Some reason about speech delay are presented below.

  • Deformed frenulum, lips or palate
  • Oral-motor dysfunctions

Speech delay has a very simple explanation and is mainly caused by a physical disturbance in the mouth. For instance, Ankyloglossia, also called tongue tie, is a congenital anomaly that is caused by an unusually short lingual frenulum.

In short, the tongue mobility is radically diminished, so that your child may not be able to pronounce words, although he’s already developed language.   Get in touch with us, where you can find your solutions related to Zee Playhouse.




A child with oral-motor dysfunction isn’t going to babble as a baby would normally do, will have problems with combining words, and most of all, will articulate words but with noises missing. Mainly, this category of dysfunctions is created by an incoordination between the region of the brain accountable for language production and the muscles at the mouth and tongue. If you want to get more info about learning difficulties in children you can look at

One of the most frequent oral-motor disorders is Developmental Apraxia of Speech (DAS). Children with dyspraxia of speech have problems with transferring and coordinating different parts of their mouth for verbal expression.

There are lots of red flags that could indicate your child has autism or Asperger’s syndrome, but among the most noticeable symptoms is speech delay. They may later develop the capacity to articulate words and express short sentences, but only after having gone through an intensive recovery program with a language specialist.


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