Applications of Stainless Steel Pipe in Industrial

Cars and make use of the most important exhaust method is metal, 316 stainless steel tubing of stainless steel car over 1/2 of their whole consumption, 80 percent to get ferritic metal. Before the auto engine exhaust through the exhaust gas inlet tube, hose, pipe, converters, center the previous difficulty from the muffler.

Exhaust systems widely used steel, 409 l, 436 l, etc.Car muffler main utilizes metal welded pipe. Metal pipe, based on quotes, the automobile used accounted for approximately 1.5percent of this dose of Downstream of Stainless tubing, and also the usage of stainless steel pipe and compacted pipe percentage about 2:1

Petrochemical business such as the compound fertilizer sector, the requirement for ‘industrial stainless steel tubing’ (also known as ‘ท่อสแตนเลสอุตสาหกรรม‘ in the Thai language) is excellent, the sector mostly utilizes 304 stainless steel welded tubing and specifications.

External diameter round 18 – à610 à, wall depth of approximately 6 mm to 50 mm, for particular program areas: furnace tubing, conveying pipe, heat exchanger, etc.. 

Gas and water fluid conveying: metal pipe and water equipment, could be the planet’s most complex standard water purification substances, its own anti-corrosion operation is strong, cast steel, carbon steel pipe, and plastic pipe, and etc. cannot be weighed against.

Preparation, storage, transport, water purification and regeneration, such as desalination water industry-best selection. Approximately 25000 lots of yearly requirement.

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