Are you adventurous? Best place for Scuba dive – Fiji

Fiji is a paradise on Earth. Fiji If you love adventure and planning for Scuba dive then Fiji is the destination for you.  The reason for popularity of Scuba dive in Fiji is crystal clear water and appealing sea life.

Fiji offers you the opportunity to view Beauty of sea life and seascapes. Fiji comprises of wide range of coral and marine life including dolphins, sharks, turtles and reef fish which makes your scuba dive more attractive and particularly enjoyable. For reservation in best hotel in Fiji you can drop us an email at

The another reason which make Fiji the best destination for Scuba dive because of an amazing variety of underwater as well as most advanced ecological systems in the world. You will also find rain forests, mountains, waterfalls above water.

Some of the popular Scuba diving attractions in Fiji Islands are the caves of Sawa-i-Lau, the Great White Wall, Rainbow Reef and the Pacific Harbor. There are over 12 species of dolphin and 1,000 species of fish that call the Fiji Islands home.

The ideal water temperature for scuba diving is during the winter months of an average 77 degrees. The summer water temperatures average 86 degrees.

A great variety of scuba diving sport makes your vocation an Exotic life time holiday destination. So make the right choice with some never to be forgotten encounters with real an amazing under water life. 


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