Basic Knowledge of Construction Equipment

One need not know all the details of heavy equipment used in earthmoving work. That is best left to professionals. However, one should be having primary information about the main machinery used at the work site.


  • Excavator – This is the right machine for Bulk excavation.It consists of a dipper, boom, bucket and a cabin atop a rotating platform called the `House’. It’s on top of an undercarriage with wheels or tracks.
  • Bobcat – this is used to push, pull and lift material. It is usually used in construction and landscaping work.
  • Backhoe – it is also nicknamed as rear actor or back actor. It basically contains a digger basket on the end of a two-part jointed arm.
  • Grader – This is a machine used in constructionwhich has a long blade for creating flat surfaces for grading. This machine is usually used in road construction for construction and repairs of dirt and gravel roads.
  • Dozers (Bull Dozers) are crawlers fitted with metal plates used to move heavy quantities of sand, rubble, soil, or other types of material for construction work. It is equipped at the back and even has a ripper to set loose densely materials that may get stuck.
  • Water carts – are specialised water carrying vehicles used across a range of construction and mining activities. The water carts can be customised and are extensively tested to ensure optimum weight distribution and performance on any chassis.
  • Tipper – a truck or a lorry with platform at the back that can brought ahead to enable to dump the load.

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