Behavioral Symptoms of a Disruptive Physician

There are some behavioral things that a disrupt physician might exhibit. Some of them are:

  • Use of bad language in the job area
  • Increase the voice onto a nurse.
  • Slam anything down like graph, cup, the lid to the photocopier, etc. any place in the existence of anyone, at the hospital.
  • Refuse to follow hospital-based protocols.
  • Physically threatening or intimidating others, such as by insinuating that something awful may befall them.
  • Bullying or trying to bully or intimidate other people.


  • Exotic competitive behavior like needing to attend compulsory department meetings, needing to finish graphs, refusing to respond to telephone calls and web pages, refusing to answer inquiries of others demanding to complete reports and forms, advising it’s not your job or that you aren’t on telephone any longer.
  • Retaliate against another doctor or hospital staff member who has reported you for breach of the code of behavior or for identification of an episode. You can refer to know more about disruptive physician behavior.
  • Creating negative or derogatory remarks about other doctors or hospital staff members facing any other individual, at any time, any place in the clinic.
  • Notification nurses, other staff members or members which a disrupt physician don’t care or do not need to listen to what they must say.

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