Bikini Swimwear is Never Off-Style

Come summer and women all around the world start to follow the latest trends in the two-piece swimwear or more popular as the bikini. Women swear on it and start going to the gym or start their favorite crash diets so that they can look attractive and shapely in their new bikini suit. Every year bikini style undergoes new twists and this season is too not different.


Types of Bikini Swimwear

  1. Bandeaukini (Strapless Bikini)
  2. Multi-String Bikini
  3. String Bikini (Noodle-Strap Bikini)
  4. Microkini (Bare Bikini)
  5. Tankini (Tank Top)
  6. High Neck Bikini
  7. Trikini
  8. Sling Bikini (Suspender Bikini or Slingshots)
  9. Skirtini (Bikini Bottom is a skater skirt)
  10. High-waist bikini
  11. Fringe Bikini (fringes attached to the upper top)
  12. Flounce bikini

What is your Pick in the Bikini Swimwear?

The bikini swimwear is rewarding if you can pull this look off. Remember, it is important to wear a swimwear that fits. If the suit is too big, then it may appear to be hanging on you. A small swimsuit may cause bulging which is not attractive. With so many options to choose from online, it becomes a tough task to select one that matches your body type. Just ask yourself “Which bikini swimwear will emphasize my positive features and distract from my not-so-flattering areas?” You will have got your choice.

Bikini, when worn should make you look comfortable and feel good. Only then will you look fabulous.  

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