Brief About Chiang Mai Tours

By the idyllic shores of the south-west to Bangkok’s bustle into the jungle-shrouded west shore, Thailand is diverse from terrain and air.  It’s full of wonderful areas to research plus among those jewels in its crown is Chiang Mai, the old capital of the north-west. 

Once the town of another kingdom, Lanna (‘Land of a Million Rice Fields’), the town is a booming modern the one which still keeps many facets of its own glory. Plan your holiday in Chiang Mai with Chiang Mai Tour(which is also known as ทัวร์เชียงใหม่จางเจียเจี้ย in the Thai language) for best memories of your life.

Quieter compared to Bangkok, it’s still full of life, even as individuals who elect for Chiang Mai tours will soon detect.  

A Distinctive History Until quite recently, the aged southern kingdom of Lanna remained different from the southern regions; even with it officially became part of Thailand, its space from Bangkok supposed that it kept a different personality and civilization.  Different aspects of Lanna culture – for example, its own products, dialect, and music – continue to be commonplace in the location now. 

Those interested to find out more concerning the foundation of Lanna and its own capital usually takes the time in the Chiangmai tours to stop by the Lanna Cultural Centre, located nearby the Three Kings Monument.  Displays within this particular museum tell the narrative of Lanna from pre-history to the current moment.  

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