Business Plan & the Business Model

The Business Model is nothing more than the explanation of the means and methods the firm will employ to earn earnings projected by the business enterprise Approach. The Business Plan explains what the business would like to achieve and what resources it is going to use to reach those objectives. The model represents the business enterprise as a system of a number of steps (actions) to generate income and make incomes.

The model includes the components and functions of the business, as well as the revenues it will eventually generate and the expenditures it incurs. The engineering company supplies the services that the customer needs and would like, and in return the client pays a fess for those services. After the engineering company has paid all of its expenditures including salaries, the company is playing its revenue. One can look for business process analyst at

This model although easy works well if there is little or no or no competition and there is plenty of demand for your services. But hardly ever is this the specific situation especially in a declining market. To be able to support the Organization Plan the Model needs to address the four main components of the organization; Framework, Financial, Client, and the Offer.

The business resources of complex staff and equipment associated by business partners are able to offer a variety of companies services with a particular billing rate to potential and existing clients, which are obtained through on-going marketing efforts of the company's staff with an ultimate goal of presenting a proposal and an agreement between the client and the business to provide certain services and products for earnings.

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