Care And Maintain Your Worktop

Quartz and Granite are just one of the most powerful minerals for your kitchen; however just like whatever desires just a little maintenance to keep them looking brand new for most decades.

Staining usually occurs when fluids seep in the material of your work top and sterile, discolouring it.  To lessen this we now employ a coat to each of our rock work tops that reduce the porosity of this surface.

Naturally, this reduces efficacy as time passes plus also we suggest that you employ a unique wax and polish kit every so frequently.  Respectable providers like granite theories will provide you with a free kit with every purchase.

Moreover, silestone kitchen countertops are the perfect choice for converting your kitchen into a special place.


For cleaning your countertop, light warm water is often satisfactory.  Make use of a PH neutral detergent to make safe, wash warm water and buff using a soft wash cloth.  We’ve experienced great results using only E-cloths and warm water

E-cloths certainly are a contemporary method to wash, with innovative fibre technology to clear away dirt, minus needing to utilise lubricants (and hey, think one’s own hands!  They have to be well worth an attempt).

Abrasive cleaning services and products and scouring detergents can render little micro-scratches to the outer lining which the years will render the granite finish only a little dulled. The quartz or granite coating is polished smooth anyway and also a delicate cloth is fairly adequate.

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