Chewing Gum, It Helps You Pass Nursing School

Over the last few months we have been visiting with readers about tips designed to help nursing school students pass nursing examinations. In this article, inspired by, we also would like to use this article to cover a couple of tips that may help you get through long nursing exams without having to cram and without having to stress too much.


I’ve personally completed nursing school and today I want to share with you a strategy that proved to work the best for me. When attending each lecture in nursing school I chew a particular flavor gum. As I am studying over the lecture I also chew the same gum which seems to help me remember the information I had learned when attending my nursing lecture. When I attend my nursing examinations I chew the very same gum which seems to help me remember the information I had previously retained. Now I know that sounds crazy but it really did help me! Simply chew the same gum during your nursing tests as you did when attending your lectures and you might find that it helps you pass!


There are other proven tips for helping you pass nursing school so be sure to visit the ScrubWire website if you are interested in learning about those. 

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