Claustrophobic Panic Attacks – Strike Back Using These Amazing Techniques

Claustrophobia is a general condition influencing millions of people in the world. It is defined as the fear of being enclosed in small places like showers or elevators. This condition is not exclusive to you only; it affects people from all works of life, everyday people and trained like doctors, lawyers or soldiers. 

One thing is common to all patients with this condition – they are normal and okay until the door to that confined space closes, then the panic begins. It is this article's aim to attempt to understand claustrophobia and reveal how you can strike back at it when next you feel it coming on.You can read more about claustrophobia by visiting

You understand perfectly how it feels to be inside an elevator and suddenly experience the symptoms of a claustrophobic panic attack. This confined space may be made smaller even by the fact that you may not be alone inside the elevator.

That adds the angle of potential embarrassment and risk to the equation because you could hurt one of them if you experience that full blown panic attack.That is the major difference between a normal panic attack and a claustrophobic panic attack.There was an incident that involved two people who were sharing an elevator going up two floors of in a hospital.


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