Designing Fillable PDF Forms Using Microsoft Word 2003

There are many ways to design fillable PDF forms on your own. You can easily design simple interactive PDF forms on your own at home. You would need Microsoft Office 2003 to follow the steps described in this article to design fillable PDF forms. Later versions of Microsoft Office can be used but the steps may slightly vary.

Before starting off on the process of creation of a PDF form, you need to make sure that a plugin which converts web forms to PDF forms is installed. From the menu of Microsoft Word 2003, select the option of creating new webpage. You can then add objects corresponding to web forms. Make sure that the plugin is set to convert web forms. Once you have finished creating form, you can simply convert it into a PDF form by choosing the appropriate options provided by the plugin.

The process of creating fillable PDF forms using Microsoft Word 2003 is extremely easy. It is just a matter of selecting and clicking on a few menu items in Microsoft Word 2003. A simple form can be created in a matter of five minutes. Once you learn the simple steps of creating a PDF form using Word 2003, you can start designing simple PDF forms on your own without spending any money.

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