Dispelling Top 5 Metal Roof Myths

Roofing is a very technical and important part of a construction. Metal roofs are trending today because of their durability and easy installation they are #1 choice for roofing but there are many myths due to which people hesitate to use metal roofs. Let’s dispel these myths one by one.

  1. Metal roof has a greater risk of being struck by a lightning

Reality; No metal roofing does not increase the odds of your home getting struck by a lightning. In actuality, if your home does get hit, metal roofing will help to dissipate the charge, and because metal is a non-combustible material, your roof will not catch fire. For best quality metal roofs click on www.koatframes.com.

2. Metal Roofing is very expensive

Reality; It may seem like it will, but it really doesn’t! You may be surprised, but metal roof will actually costs less than the asphalt shingle roof if you stay in your home long enough. Not only can it increase the value of your house, but it will also save you money on heating costs. Metal roofing can result in up to 50% savings in electricity costs during summer months.

3. Metal roof creates a lot of sound when it rains

It will make no more noise than a regular asphalt shingle roof. Koatframes provide best and affordable metal roofs. Oftentimes metal roof will be quieter than a non-metallic roof, and will shield the noise from rain and poor weather.

4. Metal Roof is susceptible to rust

Reality; Modern metal roofing is built to last for decades. Steel metal roofing has a metal coating protection layer made out of aluminum or zinc, which can be secured to the steel and then painted with a top quality paint designed to withstand the roughest abuse from bad weather, and provide the desirable color and looks that homeowners want.

5. Metal Roof is susceptible to dents

Reality; Modern metal roofs are built to withstand years of abuse from severe weather such as hail, extreme storms, and snow. In fact, metal roofs perform extremely well in the hurricane. It’s not unusual to find the metal roof with no damage, next to naked regular roofs that have lost all its shingles and plywood in hurricane.

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