Easy To Follow Weight Loss Plan

Losing weight instantly is a dream of many individuals. Majority of weight loss methods are not healthy. The faster you lose weight, the faster you will gain back. Below is an easy to follow weight loss plan which majority of nutritionists suggest:

Week One, Part I – Try to drink protein shake regularly. Consume protein shake which possess a 50:50 mix of whey to casein proteins. Now, what is the best time to drink protein shake. Well, it all depends upon your physical activity. But make sure that the time you choose must be longest period of fasting. According to nutritionist, protein shake must be taken between breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner time. You can even go for finest weight loss program which is available in the market. For choosing the programs take help from your nutritionist. Weight loss program like thrive will help you lose weight quickly. A thrive experience can help you lose weight fast.

Week One, Part II – You must start an exercise program which involves stretching. Stretching exercises enhances the tonal stimulation of muscles which in turn burn more calories in body. It also protects your muscles from getting injured easily. Take at least 40 minutes of walk daily.

Week Two – You must go for dieting by substituting half of your meal with protein shake. Perform this for at least 1 week.

Week Three – Replace your one whole meal with a protein shake. Try to change the mixture of the shake to 60% of whey and 40% of casein proteins. 

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