Essential Elements of Leadership Development Program

You’ve made a decision to produce a proper leadership development system and also have identified potential future leaders.  What elements should this development program contain?

A fantastic leadership development application needs to be built to build leaders incrementally.  Thus, begin with the fundamentals and work up to more complex degrees.  To get first-level managers this app will incorporate the next.

1.  Getting to understand the average person. Leaders who do not really know themselves are far less powerful than people that perform. This is simply not supposed to be considered a “getting into contact with your feelings” type of semester, however a hard, honest look at every individual’s strengths and flaws.


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2.  Standard leadership theory. There are lots of regions to examine here, however above everything else, I suggest analysing motivation theory (Herzberg), demands, (Maslow), and the numerous concepts of leadership styles, notably Situational Direction (Hersey and Blanchard).

3.  Communication. Effective communication is vital. Place focus on the gaps in communication as a pioneer and also the value of listening

4.  Decision making and problem-solving. All these are just two areas which aren’t getting nearly the attention that they need to leadership advancement.

5.  Managing change. It usually drops into the decreased degrees of direction to actually employ shift.

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