Fashion in a Place Where It Doesn’t Matter

When it comes to television most shows set the styles that you might see for years to come. Not in costumes, although that happens as well, but fashion in general when it comes to clothing styles that men and women will choose to wear. There is one show out there though that not only throws fashion to the wind, but completely ignores it in most cases. After all when you are dead, clothes no longer matter. And we all know that there have been a huge host of funerals on Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars has its own fashion sense, where what is the most protective, or most available at the time is what the characters are going to wear. There are of course some clothes on Pretty Little Liars that can be considered signature styles, only to be found in this show and no others. Take for instance the sleeveless leather jacket that Emily wears on occasion or the signature political style Spencer rocks.

Hannah has gone through many changes in the 6 seasons of the show, showing and starting with the short and frumpy look, from her baggy clothes to her sleek style now. She has then jumped in the opposite direction with long straight look and designer clothes. Hannah’s clothes on Pretty Little Liars show style and practicality like no other character.

Aria has kept a more current trend with low riding pants, tank tops, and true to her bookish nature, some flannel here and there. True if you were surrounded by editors and constantly moving then fashion might be the last thing you are looking for, but who says you can't be stylish and survive in the journalism world at the same time. 


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