Fix “Thread Stuck in Device Driver” in Microsoft Windows 10

The majority of you could be stuck on this BSOD problem, also known "Thread Stuck in Device Driver".

The malfunction is frequently encountered by Windows 10 pc users.

The miscalculation might be caused by defective graphic card driver.

Probably it might be due to the damaged graphic card.

But as we have been clear the problem is due to malfunctioning driver, and doesn’t encounter due to hardware components, you're able to fix thread stuck in device driver error yourself.

Methods to Fix Thread Stuck in Device Driver Windows 10

There are various methods by which it is easy to resolve the issue on your Windows 10 computer.

Option 1: Upgrade or Re-install Overall Drivers

Simply because fault 0x100000ea is frequently generated due to the drivers particularly the video card or the Graphic card driver, hence the first thing that you should examine is a defective driver.

Use the steps given here.

Open Device Manager on your computer system.

Either type Device Manager in the search textbox or enter devmgmt.msc in the Run display window.

You'll see a summary of pc hardware attached to your system. Extend it.

Now search for a yellowish triangular shape by having exclamation tag alongside any equipment driver.

If there's such driver, right click it. After that click on Up-date.

Option 2- Regulate the Heat

Getting too hot is often a serious reason behind the majority of errors.

Getting too hot of the computer system has a severe influence on the video card like sealing of the chipset.

In these scenarios, you could possibly find the Thread Stuck in Device driver Issue 0x100000ea.

So it is needed that you simply maintain a find out the temperature of your desktop computer or laptop.

To cool-down the computer system, make sure that the fans and Power supply of your computer system are performing accordingly.

Furthermore, the Power supply has to be replaced, if it's old.

And so better keep your video card in the healthy state to avert issues of this nature.

Option 3- Recover Your Computer to fix the problem 0x100000ea

Next option that you can look at to correct this BSOD error is by restoring your system to the time period as it used to operate with no kind of malfunction.

This will assist reverse the situations that were making this undesired circumstance.

Consider the presented choice-

Start> All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore

There you'll observe all restore points you had developed or were created immediately.

From the resulting dialog textbox, bring back your system to a previous time.

Specifically implement the information on the screen, and retrieve it to the latest get back stage.

The recovery operation will begin by default.

As process of restoration will execute, the computer system will restart.

Check for the issue. If yes, then go ahead with the following option.

Option 4: Fix the Damaged System Computer data

The last Way that you can look at is by figuring out the presence of any Damaged Computer data and then repairing them.

A Harmful System Files also create the thread stuck in device driver Microsoft windows 10 error.

Therefore simply take the assistance of the in-built checker of computer system Computer files and examine your device.

Right Click on the Start option.

Afterward select Command Prompt (Administrator).

Next in the following window, enter sfc /Scannow. Push Enter.

The System File Checker will begin the scanning action and check out the Harmful Files.

Now Get rid of them and you'll be able to get rid of the problem.

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