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As an immigration law firm, we support comprehensive immigration reform. However, the current immigration reform proposals under discussion do not address some of the key issues that need to be resolved in order to truly reform immigration in the United States. The legislative proposals being discussed are heavy on ideology and light on facts, skirting important aspects of the system, such as the appeals court, that need to be change. Lawyers who specialize in immigration and citizenship provide assistance in visas, permanent residency, citizenship and more.

Hello don’t deal with the inherent difficulties with the machine, and appear to be wanting to spot this up as an alternative of executing the complete overhaul. We all say ‘too many cooks spoil the broth,” which may possibly be a proper expression for the present immigration procedure also.  There are just way too many government agencies associated in immigration, which produces quite a complicated and confusing approach.

While inevitable, a multi-agency project contributes to your next concern which does not appear to get addressed by current legislation- that the absence of responsibility. For example an immigration law firm , we assist most the federal government agencies involved and also we view too little liability like a big problem within the computer system.

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A prime case in point is that the U.S. Embassy, whose consular officers’ conclusions aren’t subject to appeal or judicial scrutiny.  The following instance may be that the appeal from an immigration judge’s decision could take years.  As there are many agencies involved it’s quick to point fingers if something goes wrong and hard to simply take responsibility for fractures inside the technique.

To put it differently, the way cases flow throughout the immigration system has to be repaired.   Interminable delays must not be taken and allure should not simply take years.  The federal government agencies involved want to come together and share advice.

These suggestions could be the starting points to what would be a top-to-bottom overhaul. Only when changes are made to address these key areas of concern will true and comprehensive immigration reform happen.

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