Home Care – The Way It Enhances Elderly Nutrition

As soon as we get older our metabolic rates drop and we are apt to do a less physical activity which requires fewer meals.

This can be accompanied by a fall in appetite, even though this can go a lot. With increasing obesity in the western world, weight reduction is often encouraged as part of a wholesome way of life.

Lots of research shows that weight loss in the older is really very dangerous as it generally contributes to reduction of muscle mass. Reduction of muscle mass (and so strength) puts older independent living in danger. Because of all these reason home care service are very important for older.

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elderly couple and care worker enjoying a tea break

Hunger is another side of this decreased appetite coin. Studies indicate that starvation itself may cause many different issues “ranging from the evolution of pressure sores into the incidence of fractured femurs”.

Community food services, like meals on wheels, are being cut down, and appear to have less and less time to spend with the people they provide food to.

who see their clients in their homes on a regular basis have the chance to track food intake, inquire about types of meals being consumed, keep a watch out for their client’s burden, and report back some issues to the client’s family and healthcare managers, which may be passed on to Physicians, Nurses and Social Services.



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