Honda Civic 2014 General Information

The 2014 Honda Civic, available as a coupe or sedan, gets a 200-hp 2.4-liter I4 that makes 174 lb-feet of torque and comes only with a six-speed manual, which we have called one of the most engaging manual shifters on the marketplace. The Hybrid Vehicle, just available as a sedan, joins a 1.5-liter I4 and electric motor for a web of 110 hp. An alternate-fuel variant pairs the base 1.8-liter I4 with a modified fuel system to burn compressed natural gas that makes 110 hp and 106 lb-feet of torque.

EPA estimates for the quantity (LX, EX, HF) lineup are 28-31/36-41 mpg city/highway; the lowest amounts are on an LX model with the five-speed guide, and greatest amounts are on the CVT-equipped HF version. The Civic Si's 2.4-liter I4 and six-speed get it 22/31 mpg. The miserly Civic Hybrid handles 44/47 mpg, and the CNG variant gets 27/38 mpg. BTW, if you need a good toolbox, check

Among the more noteworthy changes to the 2014 Honda Civic is the improvement of a 7-inch infotainment display as well as the automaker's new Screen Audio system. When we first got our hands on the newest automobile, we noticed: "Gone are all the small buttons around the borders, replaced with four long-term, touch-sensitive buttons on the left side: House, Volume, Menu and Back … Probably the most significant progress of the newest system is its gesture recognition. All the swiping, pinching, slipping, and multi-tap you are doing on your smartphone or tablet PC is understood, and unlike certain other systems (looking at you, CUE), it functions fairly nicely."

The 2014 Honda Civic sedan got a five-star overall security rating in the NHTSA, as well as the coupe got a four-star rating (out of a potential five stars). On the other hand, the bureau hasn't crash examined the CNG version. The 2014 Civic sedan is recognized as a Top Security Decide, as well as the coupe is recognized as a Top Safety Pick from the IIHS. The differentiation lies in the available front crash prevention that can be found on the sedan, which earns it the best rating in the IIHS.

In the First Evaluation of a Civic Si, we said, "Paired with among the, or even the, most engaging six-speed manual shifters in the marketplace, the auto bursts through the 60-miles per hour barricade in 6.5 seconds before completing the quarter mile in 15 seconds flat and trapping 93.5 miles per hour." The newest Si has the strongest Si engine we have examined, and when we place our racecar driver Randy Pobst in the seat, he explained: "There Is a good level of power lead like you'd expect from an FWD car. But if we take it in that circumstance, it's not bad in any respect. It is a well behaved FWD under electricity, plus it will not detract from the experience considerably. The sole area you are ever planning to get a lead is by using a light trail-brake on your way in, before going to power. Exactly what an excellent thing to possess, that small slide, a fantastic attribute. Thank you, Honda. The car wants it. It's enough torque in the midrange that it'd be liquefying that inside tire."

In a 2014 Large Evaluation, and Mazda3, the Civic put third. We said, "Amazing tranny, brakes, and sticker price, but where is that magic Honda driving pleasure?" While it always performed nicely in every one of the classes, it lacked the involvement we came to adore about the Mazda3.

In a different comparison between 2013/2014 hybrid vehicles and mpg-concentrated dieselsJettas (Hybrid and Diesel). The Civic was faulted for having an odd hybrid system which was unexpected on the electrical-to-gas transition and posted a 37 mpg average, the lowest found in the evaluation — although one editor handled 41.2 mpg in a non-competitive setting, demonstrating that driving fashion makes a huge difference on this hybrid vehicle. 

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