How To Look Slim In A Swimsuit?

Most women feel self-conscious and fat in swimwear especially those who wear bigger sizes. The tip to look slip in swimwear is to select the right style and design. Moreover, it is preferable to have a friend or sister with you when purchasing it. They will be able to help you select the perfect suit in which you feel comfortable and also look slim.

Following are a few tips that you can follow in order to purchase a swimsuit in which you look slim and attractive.

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1. Hourglass Body Shape

If you have the hourglass body type then you should go with a bikini. This type of swimsuit will highlight your curves and the small of your waist. If you are little busty you should go with a top that provides with more coverage. It is preferable to not wear mix and match bikini as it can throw off the proportion of your body. So it is better to wear a two piece suit of the same pattern or colour. This way you will look slimmer.

2. Triangle Body Type

If you have a triangle shaped body, it means you have bigger hips and thighs with a relatively smaller bust.If so, a bandeau top is a great choice for you. In this type of tops, you can easily show off your well-toned upper body. And for bottoms, you can wear shorts or leggings to minimize the amount of attention to that area.

3. Inverted Triangle Body Type

Inverted triangle body means that you have broad shoulders and a bigger bust with small sized hips. Halter top is the ideal option for you because it will provide you with optimum support and make you look thinner. Halter tops are available in all designer swimwear outlets.

Above mentioned are a few ways different body types can look slimmer in various types of swim suits.

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