How to Patch a Leaky Shipping Container Roof

Within an earlier article we looked at elastomeric roof coatings like Kool Seal to perform some preventative maintenance and to seal small pin holes on shipping container roofing. In addition , the light color roof coatings also reduce the heat island effect and the heat accumulation on the inside of your container often brought on by a darker coated or rusted container roofing. Using its main purpose being to keep the elements out, shipping container roofs are the weak hyperlink in the whole framework.  One can link on to to get more solutions on Leaky Shipping Container Roof.

Shipping container walls are manufactured from heavy-duty 14 evaluate weathering steel and the posts are fabricated from 7 gauge tube steel but the roof of shipping containers is constructed with 16 to eighteen gauge die-stamp corrugated steel sheets. These types of roofs have very minimal load bearing capacity, any loading on containers is meant to be distributed to the ground (or boat deck) by the four corner posts, not the top.

Often shipping pots could get a dented roof structure due to handling while being loaded or unloaded from cargo ships. Ought to the containers roof get a dent within it where water can puddle it should be repaired before it rusts through. If you do realize that you have water entering the container, the best fix is to remove the damaged portion of the roof and weld in a new steel roof panel section, however in some situations this is simpler said than done. If the if the proper tools and equipment are not available then you need another but permanent repair.

Inside the modular building industry we certainly have experienced a great deal of success by using a product called EternaBond to permanently close off the roof seams between building sections. EternaBond works on both metal and EPDM surfaces and it is used over and over again to join the roof seams on rented modular buildings.

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