Hybrid Cameras That Makes Your Home And Office Safe

Traditional CCTV cameras are much less expensive than most of the IP cameras on the market and are completely interchangeable. Virtually every conventional CCTV camera transmits the identical format movie, so cameras from one system, even an older VCR established system can even be plugged into a newer DVR.

Despite many misconceptions, latest traditional CCTV DVR systems also provide access over the world wide web, many even from PDA cell phones. With a large field of view and pixel density, and low noise makes these cameras superb product and increases their popularity.

hybrid camera

When properly planned, these systems can provide great picture quality and the ability to keep watch of your home or business on the internet with minimal impact on your budget.

Many home and business owners have been led to believe that they will need to buy an IP camera system in order to view their cameras over the internet, but both kinds of systems are remotely viewable. That’s the reason many PC-Based DVR systems such as our Alnet Systems PC based systems can function in a Hybrid DVR /NVR arrangement.

The Hybrid systems usually consist of a PC with a PCI or PCIe DVR card set up to provide inputs to a number of traditional CCTV cameras as well as a license for additional IP security cameras. These analog CCTV and IP cameras can then also be viewed remotely together over the internet from a PC, Laptop, BlackBerry, Android PDA telephone, iPhone, iPad and many other cell phones as well.

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