Karate-Military Art Style

There are lots of diverse styles of martial arts and by far the most popular is the martial art Karate.  What sets the martial art Karate apart from the rest is how and why it was designed?  It developed out the simple necessity of survival by peaceful people and turned into a means of life.  You can check http://mmalife.com/ to know more about karate styles.

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Karate became a formalized martial art that developed in Okinawa as a means of defending a civilization against armed warriors. The martial art Karate in its purest form is an art of weaponless self-defense.

It’s comprised of punches, kicks, and strikes implemented in circular or linear thrusting and striking motions.  Combining these techniques with appropriate breathing and body posture, forming creature such as stances, Karate becomes a self-explanatory system worthy of protecting against an armed or unarmed assailant or assailants.

With origins dating back to China, Karate emerged as a martial art capable of resisting any adversarial challenge.  Lots of the techniques and self-explanatory philosophies within the Okinawan fighting systems came in the initial type of Shaolin Kung Fu.

The people of Okinawa did make minor modifications to focus on power that would concentrate on inflicting injuries to competitions wearing armor. Since Karate develops around the strengths of a professional some techniques were altered from original Kung Fu methods to adapt to the body of the Okinawan people and terrain of Okinawa.

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