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Ask any person you know to name some of the most unforgettable childhood moments they've had. For sure, most of them would answer a magic show they have witnessed. Ask any child what he wants for his birthday celebration and for sure, he would love to have a magician perform on the occasion. Let's admit it; we all love to see a magician perform in front of us no matter what age we're in.  

Growing up, it reminds us of a familiar feeling of excitement and joy. Looking back to the memories we've had with one of them is surely something worth keeping. If you miss that feeling and you want to relive it again, catch Loren Michael Zwick perform right in front of you. If you're from downtown LA, you've probably heard about Zwick. He is one of the most popular and sought after magician that you will encounter at the state. Growing up in the area, he has devoted much of his time performing magic tricks and making people feel happy. Watching magic show takes us back in time where our hearts are innocent and every tricks performed in front of us were something we thought impossible. Growing up, we realized that some of the tricks pulled off were something we could learn by ourselves through constant practice. If those kinds of tricks don't excite you anymore, catch Loren Michael Zwick perform the most surreal tricks and stunts you as an adult would never think possible. On the other hand, if you want yourself wondering of what happened and how was it possible, this is the guy that you should come and see. And relive the time when your minds were blown of the magic tricks performed in front of you. Loren Michael Zwick is not just your average magician.

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