Making Your Own Fireplace

Often times, the fireplace is the central focus of a room, if not your complete home. If the mantel is sagging, dated, or ugly, or if the face of your fireplace is rickety, it can ruin the looks of your residence.

Luckily, there are some nifty thoughts that can recover the look of your fireplace. For more information about fireplace mantels, you can get through our website at



If you have a brick fireplace, one thing you can do is to basically change the color of the brick. If, for instance, the brick is a dark red and you want to brighten the room, all you have to do is find a excellence brick paint that will save you the time and money of re-bricking your fireplace. You can shade the brick a nice neutral color, or a bright color to actually draw the eye toward the fireplace.

If your fireplace mantel is a guileless, straight board that has your bored out of your mind, you can go for a more ornate fireplace border and mantel that will actually make the space seem more graceful.

You can pick up fireplace surrounds at salvage yards and refinish them yourself, or you can order custom-built fireplace surrounds and mantels that run the gamut between modest, clean lines, and decorative pillars and inlays that look rich and glamorous. If the mantel and the face of your fireplace is unpleasant to you, you can opt for an all-new fireplace facade.


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