Mold Can Make You Sick

If you’re feeling like you have allergies through the entire year, even though you’ve not been out of your home, there may be a different cause. There are many factors that can make your allergies go crazy, and one of those things is mold.

Mold can cause a lot of our allergies to go haywire whenever you come into contact with it. If you find that you’re having an itchy, runny nose or watery eyes, you might need to do a mold test in your home. There are other symptoms like fatigue, rashes, and shortness of breath, but you can read more about these at Damage Control 911

The sickness of mold comes from the exposure. Since mold is a fungus, it releases spores into the air and some of these types of mold can be dangerous to humans. Whenever we breathe in these tiny spores, it causes our bodies to react in certain ways. Those that have lung diseases will be affected more that someone that isn’t, but it can affect everyone in some way.

Having asthma or mesothelioma or something similar can cause these symptoms to be even worse. Those that aren’t sensitive can find that they’re short of breath or even tired themselves. Loss of appetite and mood swings are other factors, so if you experience any of these, it may be time to get a mold test for your home.

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