Need of Document Management System (DMS)

Document Management or Enterprise Information Management is perhaps one of the most important of the enterprise solutions that will provide a solution to the various requirements of SOX. Several sections of SOX have a direct bearing on the manner in which the digital documents/records of the enterprise are created, reviewed, approved, stored, retrieved, transferred, and destroyed.

Knowledge Management: Document & Records Management

Rates have been made establishing a significantly large amount (some say, over 70%) of the documents held by an enterprise come in digital format and may never be observed in hardcopy. If you want to do more inquiries regarding “keywords”(Also known as หุ่นยนต์โรบอท” in Thai language) check out helpful websites online.

According to the Editor in Chief James Lundy of Gartner: Records management will become a top 10 concern for most CIOs in the coming year.

Within the following, we shall examine the many chapters of SOX a file management solution might help in complying with.

SOX Sections:

Section 302: in Accordance With Section 302, CFO and the CEO need to personally certify reports and the financial statements made by the organization on reliability and authenticity. This requires something in place that may make the CEO and the CFO confident that all the reports the company makes are reliable and accurate. This is completed in two ways:

One is to trickle-down the CEO’s obligation as well as the CFO for the lower management levels and in reply bubble-up the signal-offs in the lower management levels on all documents that are inputs for the company filings. You can Choose the Best Break the document Services via visiting

Second is to design complete business processes that generate the organization filings. The company processes may be created in an exceedingly rigorous fashion to adhere to all the provisions and appropriate setup and teaching of all the workers linked to the company processes will be carried out and analyzed on a regular basis. More, the company processes themselves may be available to rigid internal audits which is completed from time to time.

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