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While we are likely to just get news online these days, most of the old people of today still like to read the paper. And there is nothing really wrong with that but most of them hardly get read these days because of the internet and the gadgets that we have now. Still, there is something quite charming to going back to the good old days of reading the newspaper from Zephyrhills free press in Florida.

Personally, we do not really like the mainstream media. Or any kind of news source to be found on the internet or even if they were just from the classic newspaper. This is due to their habit of pandering to people more than they should be. And just because they are called news does not mean they are not susceptible to top bias.

Annoyingly enough, they tend to target either political people, which most of us really give no crap about or the internet celebrities that have taken over their business. But not really in that sense. They are not really doing any news source stuff themselves so they are not necessarily usurping these news sites.

It is just, the internet people like Youtubers just have more influence and a lot more people that watch them than the news people actually do. And this, in turn, makes the YouTubers have more influence in what they say.

If the ones who do not do the news already have a bigger chance of beating the original ones, then what does that way to the YouTubers who actually do the news without any bias and with their civilian opinion? To you, which would you really get your updates from?

From a bunch of old farts who are probably not reporting the news the way it was and just spouting out their own lies and bias? Or a civilian dude ready to report what he knows without lies and bias and is not afraid to get attacked or of any backlash?

News source like Vox, The Wall Street Journal, and others already have a crappy habit of attacking the people on Youtube with false news just to destroy them. And the ones who read their news either believe it or know that all of it is just hogwash. This can make their business really go down or just stay the same.

And they may be desperate for some attention now, willing to make the worst kind of stories just to get some clicks. Unluckily for them, the people are not sheep any longer and have their own ways of knowing the news for what they actually are. They go for PewNews which is a weekly news segment from Pewdiepie.

Then there is Keemstar that also does the news although he may have been more of a controversial one due to his disgusting actions years ago. And most of all, there is Phillip De Franco who is basically the most trustworthy dude on Youtuber that reports the news for what they are with honest dialogue and with the interactions of his viewers.

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