Nutritious Mixed Rice And Noodles Salad Recipe

Rice and noodles are proven to be amazing foods which have lots of nutrients to keep our bodies healthy. Rice is regarded as the staple food of over half of the planet’s inhabitants.

Even though it might appear easy, rice is full of nutrients. You can browse to know more about healthy recipes.

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Mixed Rice and Noodles Salad Recipe


– fill two saucepans with water and then make them boil.

– Cook the rice one of that saucepan. If it softens, wash and strain afterward set aside.

– Cook the noodles in another saucepan until tender. After the tender, then rinse with warm water and set aside.

– Put the bean noodles in a container and then put in boiling water. Soak them till tender. After the tender, then rinse with cold water and pressure.

– With another bowl, then poach the soy shoots for thirty minutes in then rinse and pressure.

– Cook potato in a saucepan until tender, strain and wash afterward set aside.

– Whip eggs then add a little bit of salt and water.

– Heat cooking oil in a skillet and fry the eggs pushing the edges to produce the partially done egg operate outwards. Flip and repeat the procedure several times then slice it into little strips.

– In a bowl, heat olive oil in medium fire. Fry the garlic, chili, and onions separately till they crispy. Pour peanut oil if it’s required.

– In a large dish, then arrange the noodles, pasta, soy rice and shoots and set the omelet strips on each plate together with the fish, garlic, celery, onion, tamarind, powder chili legumes and nampura (fish sauce).

Serve hot.

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