Princess Pocahontas Bedding Sets

Princess Pocahontas bedding features one character, IMHO, that often gets overlooked.

Perhaps, because she is not as glamorous as the rest, she gets a bad wrap. But honestly, this is one tough lady and a much stronger heroine for little girls to look up to than Pocahontas' frilly and fancy counterparts. Because this Indian Princess is losing the popularity contest – there is not much licensed girls bedding available in this theme. Thus, we will just have to improvise. In this case, using princess castle bedding as a backdrop just won't work. No Princess Pocahontas does not live in a palace.

A more fitting background theme that could actually work very well is pink camo bedding. Now before you dismiss my ideas as crazy and click away – check out my page on pink camouflage bed sets – and you will one comforter pictured there that is more outdoorsy than army. This outdoorsy feel fits perfectly for this particular one of the princesses. Using this pattern as a starting point could give a new and long life to this Disney theme.

Dressing up the set with accessories like a Pocahontas doll – pictured here – would tie everything together. Other accents could include native American handmade leather bags hung on hooks – and knickknacks and artifacts that are typically found in the Southwest. Decorating the walls with an ethnic tapestry like the one shown here would give a really awesome look to a kids room. Shying away from traditional Disney would make this theme extra long lasting.

Despite the difficulties in finding items to make this theme a reality – it can be done with a bit of creativity. However, you are looking for something a bit more quick and easy – check out some of the other Princess bedding sets from Princess Tiana Bedding, Sleeping Beauty Bedding, Cinderella Bedding, Tinkerbell Bedding, Jasmine Bed Sets, and everyone's favorite mermaid Ariel.

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