Professional Development For TEFL, TESOL Teachers

Describing Teachers

In this section, we will briefly describe broad classes of teachers. It is hard however to strictly categorize teachers under particular headings as educators will discover various aspects of each category true for them and their own particular personality types.

These classes, therefore, have quite vague lines of the split as teachers often flitter between classes. It’s important to be able to categorize your teaching style from the broader sense since this will help you to determine how you see yourself now and what sort of teacher you envisage yourself becoming.

The fundamental premise of this novel is to give you all the working tools to achieve your future objectives. For more additional information about Professional Development For TEFL, TESOL Teachers, you can visit

The Presenter:

This group of teacher presents information to students as a ‘lecturer’ would. They, more than frequently, have an in-depth knowledge of their specific topic area, yet may lack a wider comprehension of teaching methodology. Presenters frequently convey information in a very interesting and frequently entertaining way.

Pupils, however, frequently don’t find themselves interacting on a personal level and might feel uninvolved and unchallenged. You can also browse to get more details on TEFL.

The Facilitator:

This teacher, like the Presenter, has a sound knowledge of a particular subject area. This teacher also includes a firm grounding in teaching methodology, and may still, therefore, convey information for a lecturer would, but they also attract a number of interesting alternatives and actions to help facilitate student learning in the subject location. The Facilitator attempts to promote a student-centred, interactive environment.

Ways for you as a teacher to further improve and develop could include:

  • Reading articles, magazines and books highlighting ESL Teaching Techniques and ideas. Try them out in your class!
  • Exchanging useful ideas and lesson plans with other Educators
  • Attending a Specialist Training Course
  • Attending Conferences and Seminars
  • Observing other teachers in the classroom

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