How Reflective Markers Help Make Highway Safer

Anyone who has ever traveled down a street is acquainted with reflective road markers. These raised studs that indicate one side of the street from the other are, like a great deal of road safety measures, taken for granted.

The truth is that these devices serve an essential role in increasing safety levels on the street. You can get more information about these reflective pins on

reflective markers

They were first invented by a guy named Percy Shaw in the UK back in 1933. Their worth was demonstrated during the blackouts of World War 2, when drivers of motor vehicles were still able to observe the direction of streets at night, regardless of the absence of street lights. This was possible through how these devices reflected the headlights back in their drivers.

Reflective markers come in different colors, with each color to be used in a certain situation:

  • Yellow or amber markers are utilized to different areas with traffic moving in various directions or the left sidewalk edge
  • Blue markers are utilized to indicate the location of fire hydrants.
  • Green markers are often utilized to indicate to emergency vehicles that they can open slopes when entering gated communities.
  • White markers are utilized to mark the ideal pavement edge or to mark lanes.

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