Sensorial Business Branding

For a brand to be identified, understood and recognized in its own values is the center of each strategy, the nagging issue of each marketing manager. You can also check out Relevance International-Top PR Agencies in New York and London to know everything about brand building.

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However, in a competitive environment where the use & operational value of a new (a product or a service) could be easily copied or replicated, what’s left to stick out from the crowd?

How can the client’s preference be triggered to make sure their loyalty?  How can the tie which will closely connect your brand to the customer and put you ahead of the competition be constructed, retained or strengthened?

These are questions to which sensorial branding replies: use perceptions (and their effects on the customers’ perceptions) to enhance the brand experience and develop its uniqueness and character, while finally paving the way into the customers’ affection, loyalty, and preference.

Sensorial branding (and sensorial advertising) fills the gap left by traditional advertising theories in regards to answering the current consumer mindset.  This new type of thinking finds its roots in the ’90s, with the change from the logical mindset that previously prevailed in the customer’s decision-making process to the psychological and hedonist pursuit that now drives their needs and consumption acts.

In response to an increasingly pressurized and virtual industrial world, people have begun seeking a way to reconnect to fact in their personal sphere, for a pathway to re-enchant their own world.

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