What is Tasigna – Contact the Law Firms?

Tasigna is a drug used to treat chronic myeloid leukemia by blocking proteins that help cancer cells grow. However, growing evidence points to a connection between the use of Tasigna and atherosclerosis, a dangerous disease in which plaque builds up inside arteries. To find more details about Tasigna then have a peek here.

The medication was designed by the Swiss multi national pharmaceutical company Novartis to displace its own cancer drug Gleevec.  This has been the preceding creation medication used as a treatment for CML and acute lymphocytic leukemia.  Back in 2015, Gleevec generated $4.7 billion in earnings across the Earth, however, also the patent for the drug expired the exact same calendar year.Novartis is now attempting to expand the applications of Tasigna beyond treatment of CML to comprise Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases after investigators found it helped a few of patients with all those diseases.

Tyrosine kinases are proteins which could excite cancer cells for example leukemia to cultivate.  Tasigna was made to block a particular sort of protein identified as BCR ABL .  The suggested dosing of this Tasigna tablet computer is double each day in 12hour periods within a empty tummy.  It might also be coupled with additional drugs.

A potential complication now not on the USA warning tag for Tasigna is atherosclerosis.  The lifethreatening illness is when plaque accumulates in the blood vessels, causing it to narrow and harden down the pathways.

This restricts the circulation of blood through the entire human body and often leads to a bunch of different diseases and premature death.Certainly one of the earliest big items of research connecting Tasigna with atherosclerosis has been released in 2011 and located a few patients taking the medication experienced vascular issues.  After studies reasoned that Tasigna was correlated with accelerated atherosclerosis.

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There have been a number of Tasigna lawsuits registered against the manufacturer of this dangerous drug. Most of these lawsuits were related to liver problems.

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