The Best Things To Buy In Thailand

One of the main reasons tourists visit Thailand is forshopping. This is because you can easily get designer wear, antiques, silks, souvenirs and snacks at relatively economical prices. Unlike America, Canada and other western countries, theshops here remain open till very late. Moreover they have specific markets for tourists and they also have floating market which is a very different experience for tourists.

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Following are a few things that you must purchase from Thailand markets

1. Silver Artifacts

You can easily get some of the finest silver artefacts in Thailand especially in northern cities like Chiang Mai. These artefacts are made by using various techniques. These techniques were adopted by people who migrated from Myanmar. You can also get different pieces of silver artefacts like bowls, plates, and small decoration pieces. You can give them to your loved ones as souvenirs.

2. Woodcarvings

Northern Thailand is full of teak forests. Teak tree woodis used to make stunning wood carvings, which you can easily purchase at economical prices. Moreover, they make perfect gifts for your loved ones back home. Most of these carvings depict the culture of Thailand. 

3. Thai silk

One of the most popular products of Thailand is silk. This is because silk worms are especially fed on mulberry leaves, so that they produce soft material. This type of silk is usually available in lighter colours varying from light golden to light green. This is a relatively expensive Thai product but tourists often purchase it for their loved ones.

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