The Best Way to Get Rid of Your Phobia

Aerophobia or known as the fear of flying can be associated with various other phobias. Most of them seem to be alone. Based on statistics, almost 30% of the population is affected by such phobias. Regardless of whether your fear of flying has turned into a phobia, it can definitely have a bad impact on your life. If you want to join 'fear of flying online course' (which is known as ‘flugangst online kurs in the German language) then you can explore various online sources.

The symptoms of aerophobia are mostly the same as other fears. Clear symptoms can be trembling, excessive sweating, stomach problems, and heart palpitations. You might be surprised, don't know and can't think clearly.

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Most of them are used to going to the airport, but they begin to experience attacks right before they get on the plane. But some of them couldn't stand it even when they were still on their way to the airport. Anticipatory anxiety, where you begin to feel the flying phobia just before your flight, is expected

The fear of flying can be worse if you already have another phobia. Claustrophobic patients usually feel afraid of flying because the area is closed and requires more personal space. People with social phobia or fear of germs usually extend to fear of flying, because they will be asked to socialize longer with a group of strangers. The general fear of heights can also cause fear of flying.



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