The Way to Sell your Website


You will find hundreds and thousands of sites online today being bought and sold and there are lots of areas you can sell your website like ebay and website brokers. Though this guide we will explore each of these possibilities in greater details.

Ebay – promoting a web site on ebay can ideal for some and utterly useless for others. Because most men and women understand ebay, it gets millions of hits every second from people searching for everything from hair sprays to race cars. For starters this is a superb way to get word out that your site is available. It's plenty of people seeing your advertisements but bear in mind that your competition is feirce so a lot of people post websites available on ebay. To offer your site on ebay it must stick out from the remainder.

Forums – Newsgroups have a tendency to be a terrific place to market sites. They are inclined to ask alot more questions regarding data and earnings than most other areas but in case you've got an excellent website you can occasionally get alot more for it buy selling your site in forums. Very good forums for this comprise, and

Website Agents – Site agents normally head out and attempt to get one of the very best possible cost for your site. They have a tendency to get contacts in the business and will touch base with people it is possible to 't or even know exist. They normally charge a fee of approximately 10%-15%. There are some sites around where you are able to post up your website to agents – kind of like a cross between ebay along with a brokers company.

Sell to your customers – A popular method to acquire a fantastic gain from the sale of your site would be to place a 'website available ' link or picture on the frontpage of this website for sale. This targets the viewers to individuals interested in this issue of the website. But be cautioned not every one these individuals are or need to be webmasters.

Private Contact – If you've got a minimal budget, then selling your site though your own personal contact can be quite rewarding. This requires everyone else out of the equation and you pay no broker fees or advertising fees. If you intend on promoting your site this way be sure to know enough men and women who'd be intrested at the website.

Website Checklist

Before getting to setting up site available advertisements and employing a website agent, there are a couple things you'll need. Firstly, learn in detail your data. This including unique visitors each day or month, bandwidth used per month and present and previous earnings for the web site. Most people that are in the market will request the pagerank of the web site too. You'll find out your page ranking by downloading the google toolbar and re-visiting your site. A pagerank is considered by the majority of webmasters as being a huge element. Visit if you are interested in wp theme.

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