Three Misconceptions about Estate Buyers

There are lots of distinct reasons to sell your estate jewelry. Perhaps you've just updated your estate bits or your taste in jewelry designers has shifted. Perhaps you've been through a divorce and unexpectedly that wedding ring or ring is not needed.

Sometimes, you might just have too many bits which have built up over the last few years and you know you are never going to wear all of them.

Three Misconceptions about Estate Buyers

A Misunderstood Industry

Folks envision a fatty person in a tank top sitting behind bulletproof glass, greedily stacking a pile of crumpled bills. They envision burnt orange blue signs and distressed clients giving into insanely low supplies for their things.

The Misconceptions

The 2 Big misconceptions surrounding the estate jewelry purchasing business are:

1. You get ripped off – All estate purchasing companies thrive on return clients. No commendable estate buyer will intentionally lowball a vendor onto a piece of jewelry if they need their company later on.

2. You will get turned off for little or outdated bits – Perhaps the wedding ring, ring, or a different piece of jewelry you are trying to market is a bit on the smallish side. Perhaps you've updated a necklace or bracelet along with also the older piece is indeed dated you are feeling buyers of estate jewelry would not want it.

3. The buyers are not educated – If your item of jewelry is uncommon or custom created, perhaps you feel the ordinary estate purchaser won't understand enough to know the value of your item.

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