Top Emerging Trends for Mobile Application Development

In this growing demand of functional and extraordinary apps, it has resulted in widespread and trend of mobile application development especially amongst all independent and freelance developers.

1. Cloud Technology:

Do not surprise people. Amongst the average consumers to the techie people, everyone has heard about all the benefits of cloud technology, and how it can change our routine collective lives. 

2. Enterprise Mobile Apps: 

Today’s enterprise mobile apps are getting new lease of life these days. It has not any secret anymore that more and more mobile app developers are gravitating towards the development of enterprise mobile apps.

3. IoT: 

Internet of Things will open the new possibilities. As per the status, IoT is already a $19 trillion industry, and obviously, in the next five years, more than 5 billion people are going expected to be using IoT-driven technologies in some form or the other. 

4. Location-based Wi-Fi Services:

This new trend of mobile app development has become commonplace. Beacon technology and Mobile location services are now starting to blur the borderline between offline and online advertising. This is also beneficial for the retail sector. 

5. m-Commerce: 

Mobile eCommerce is going to be the next great opportunity. As e-commerce giants such as eBay, Amazon which flourish, the usage of m-Commerce application which is also expected to increase in the coming years.

6. High-quality UX:

The HD UX is also going to be the norm of the day. By adding in this, it has a nice look and feels, too! Smartphone users today are expecting their applications to be more intuitive and robust which more relevant content suited to their own business and features.

These trends can drive you deep to the ocean of Mobile application development.

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