What Is Essure Device?

Essure is a ceramic metal coil.  These coils are inserted through the vagina and into the fallopian tubes without using anesthesia.  These coils cause a congestion that goes on to create scar tissue, which makes it impossible for the individual to become pregnant. You can login to http://www.essurebirthcontrollawsuitcenter.com/ to know about essure complications.

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In a way, this component is much like a male vasectomy.  Like that process, a secondary form of birth control must be used for around three months – the vital time it can take for enough scar tissue to form in the tube and around the coil developing a permanent barrier.

The FDA has issued a requirement that the patient has to have a “dye” test conducted to make certain that the tubes are definitely completely blocked and then the backup method that the individual has been using may stop.

The only downside is that the patient must be very, very sure that they don’t want to become pregnant.  There’s very little discomfort, no anesthesia, and the price is significantly lower since there’s absolutely not any requirement for an operating room.

There are no incisions.  A lot of my patients drive themselves home right when they are through in my workplace.  The only time this could differ is if there’s some kind of sudden problem during the first exam at which the fallopian tube itself has a blockage.

In this rare case we abort the process and schedule a diagnostic evaluation to check out the patency of the tubes.  This is not done ahead of time because of costs and hassle – and the rarity of the circumstance.

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