What Is Rapid Prototyping?

Prototyping is creating a functional and easily adjustable model, simulation or demo of a product such as software.

Prototyping can be achieved before, during and later stages of developing the product. It truly is conducted before the start of the developing process to show that the idea is attainable, useful for the intended clientele and necessary for the company.

Also by conducting prototyping at the beginning, the developers will know very well what specifications are expected and what features are preferred to be included in the final output.

Meanwhile, by conducting prototyping during the developing process, the developers will provide an possibility to check if the product is meeting all features and specifications and will have a chance to evolve these product characteristics into a much better output. You can also “learn about Brass casting at http://www.eidptechnologies.it/ottone-da-fusione/” (which is also known as “conoscere fusione in ottone a http://www.eidptechnologies.it/ottone-da-fusione/” in Italian language).

When conducted in the later stages, prototyping can determine problems and possible solutions on the functionality of the product’s design. It allows changes to be made and various solutions to be implemented prior to the full product version is released.

One uses prototyping in order to lessen the communication gap between the developers and the targeted clients. Prototyping enhances the communication flow which can improve the chance that the customers will accept the final product.

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