What should you know about floor buffers?

Floor buffers are cleaning equipments used to clean huge or unreachable areas generally hard surfaces like tile, wood and linoleum. There are various spinning brushes that can be tuned to different speeds. This motion of the brush removes the dirt accumulated on or stuck to the floor that gives a shiny look when the cleaning is done. A cleaning agent is applied to the area that is to be buffed few minutes before the cleaning starts. You can read the views of people online on various sites such asĀ Top 10 Floor Buffer Reviewed.


These agents are soft and wash away the dust and particles so that the buffer can clean more easily. There are several types of floor buffers but the most common difference is between the home units and commercial/industrial units. The small size buffers are best for small areas and surfaces like small hallways, kitchen areas and even washrooms. Home buffers are good for home owners because they are cheap and operate on low speeds. The comfort which one finds while cleaning is wonderful. You can purchase or rent a buffer to polish your floors at home, wipe off the dirt out of tiles or clean a linoleum floor. There are Apart from brushes a floor buffer also has other extensions like cleaning and sanding pads.

You can also rent the buffer for a day. Make sure you find out the right accessories and extensions which you need for cleaning. Ask for suggestions on what type of pads you need, along with the suitable cleaning products. A good standard diameter to consider for home cleaning is 13-17 inches depending on the size of the cleaning area. Use the cleaning agents that are formed to work with the buffer. Please read the instruction on the manual and ask for the manual if one doesn’t come with it.

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