What to Check Before Hiring a Security Agency

What are the Important Details to be Analyzed Before Hiring a Security Agency?

It is important to hire a security firm that will both be able to provide the right type of services and can be depend upon for your security needs. Thus, it will be necessary for you to check different aspects to be sure that you are hiring the right firm for this task. As such, we will be looking into few details that you need to analyze before appointing any particular firm.

Details to Analyze Before Hiring a Security Firm

Few of the details you need to check while appointing a security agency include:
• Proper Insurance 
• History of Negligence  
• Compensation Claims

Proper Insurance

security agencyFirst of all, you will have to examine whether the security agency provides required insurance coverage. Other details to check would consist of:
• Security firm's coverage is approved by insurance agent you work with.
• A statutory minimum with respect to worker's compensation is maintained by security firm.
• The security company has adequate coverage related to automobile liability insurance for vehicles it uses.
• Security agency also provides professional liability coverage and coverage for use of special equipment.
• After examining security firm's insurance policy, insurance advisor working for you does not have any objection to exclusions mentioned in the policy.

History of Negligence

After you are sure that the security agency has the necessary insurance, next thing you will have to check will be related to possible cases of negligence that the firm has been involved in.
To analyze these details you will have to ask for reports such as loss runs or loss experience from security firm. This way you will be able to review history of liability insurance claims that the security company has received so far.
You should also inquire about any lawsuits the company has been involved in or any type of legal incident in which the company got involved in the last ten years. 
Additionally, you should show these reports to your insurance advisor or lawyer to fully understand the significance of all the cases the security company has been involved in and whether it would be right to hire the firm, in perspective of result of those cases.

Compensation Claims

Another important detail you will have to check before appointing any security agency will be worker's compensation claims that the company worked on in the last few years. This way you will be able to analyze if there is a pattern of insufficient employee safety norms or a tendency of carelessness on the part of the security company.
You should ask the security firm to provide this report and then show it to your insurance adviser to understand how significant each of those claims were.
By analyzing compensation claims you will be able to fully understand whether insurance coverage the security company has will be adequate for meeting your requirements. Thus, you need to find a firm which is properly insured.


As we can see there are several important details you need to analyze to be sure that you are hiring the right firm. By thoroughly analyzing these details you will know that selected firm will be able to meet all your needs.

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