Which Retro Camper to Buy From VW?

Campervans are the coolest mode of transport you can have for a camping expedition over the summer. And if you have a Volkswagen Camper then that’s even better. Over the years these campers have gained what can be considered a cult following. While these aren’t very fast if they haven’t been modified, they have a quaint charm about them that makes them very unique. While most models are similar in looks these campers have a lot of different models which have a variety of different options within them. Here is a brief guide to what each one has to offer.


 The Split screen camper: this is pretty big so you’ll need to have a big garage or a temporary shelter to store it in the winters. They have the classic Retro campervans VW design. Just make sure basic replacement parts are available before you buy or rent this vehicle.

Bay Window Type 2: These are a good starter vehicle, there are many modern aspects like suspension brakes, steering and engines.

T25, T3: These don’t have the classic design that Volkswagen is known for but is much more modern and comfortable in many aspects.  They have better rust proofing than older models.

T4: This is comparatively newer, being manufactured between 1991 and 2003. This also gives you advantages like having fewer rust problems and more replacement parts available. It also has a tin top roof so it will have less leakage problems.

Keep all these points in mind before you go out for you own retro campervan. Rest assured you’ll have a great summer road trip with these.


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