Who is a Property Lawyer?


Property lawyers play a crucial role while dealing with commercial and residential property. This sort of role can also be related to real estate law while dealing with mortgage, social housing or mortgage lending.

What do Property Lawyers do?

Buying, selling or renting of a property is what property lawyers deal with based on transaction. However, this becomes a matter between the tenant and landlord. Other roles of property lawyers include construction and planning of laws. The role of a property lawyer depends on 2 important factors, residential and commercial.

Residential work –Property lawyers working for residential based will be seeing their clients on a regular basis. The work is time consuming because property lawyer needs to be in constant contact with third parties like solicitors, estate agents, etc. However, the property lawyer doesn’t need to be present in front of the clients. They can talk to them over the phone or over emails.

Commercial work –Dealing with commercial properties require more responsibility for the property lawyer. The lawyer needs to take instructions from business clients. The range of work for a property lawyer includes taking care of due work, drafting of commercial contracts, and negotiating on land contracts.  The monetary value at stake in commercial real estate is higher compared to residential; hence, they have to be extra careful in dealings.

If residential property is your choice then hiring professional residential property lawyers is recommended. 

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